Asif Iqbal

Digital marketer & business consultant

About me

A passionate digital marketing & business development personnel who loves to make plans to introduce products or services to the right people digitally. And always eager to learn and share new knowledge & experiences from the industry and try to build strong communities for the greater interest.

A total solution to digital marketing

With years of experience in business development and later mastering  the skills for digital marketing. Understanding client requirements according to the latest trends. I have worked with businesses from different niches so you can rely on me for yours.

I’ve spent most of these years working across different areas of digital marketing including SMM, SEO, Blogging etc. Having worked on various projects that are already live, I can help you with the best possible suggestions and ideas that we can proceed with. With me, you aren’t forced to accept anything. I give you a variety of options we can work on together.

What I do

From understanding your requirements, designing a blueprint and delivering the final product, I do everything that falls in between these lines.


An effective way of blogging what captures attention and spreads a clear message. I make sure the article is unique and readers friendly.


If you are looking for a social media marketer who’ll market your product or services through social media, I am a well-established professional to help you with this.


If you are looking to increase the visibility of your website on search engines, I can help you improve your website's visibility through SEO.


Affiliate Marketing

My Experience


Starlink Engineering Ltd.

digital marketing executive

I have been responsibly working with a team of 5 members to design effective digital marketing plans especially for the company's YouTube channels.


Solution Art Limited

Business Development

I worked as a business development executive and later promoted as an assistant manager in business development for the company. During my tenure, I tried to achieve better brand recognition and financial growth for the organization.

Dynamic Capital INC

UI/UX Designer

I was a part of an amazing design team and worked together with them to help design and develop apps and websites for different clients of the company.

Digital Marketing Portfolio

Incredible Craft Ideas

Creative DIY Projects, different varieties of Crafts videos like decorations ideas, Gift ideas, Toys ideas, Showpieces, useful life hacks ideas using Cardboard, Paper, Fabrics, Wood, various waste and used materials, etc.

Jana ace ki

History or events around us, all are illusions, like galaxies walking in the dark, there are many things beyond our understanding. Yet there is no end to our curiosity.

Pappu The Great

Pappu The Great is a Bangladeshi Funny YouTube Channel, where you will find different types of animated comedy videos .

Comet IT & Communication Ltd.

Comet IT & Communication Ltd. is an IT service company based on Bangladesh. It's services include Contact Center, Software Solution and advance IT training etc.